12 Aralık 2009 Cumartesi


According to Fenerbahce manager Christoph Daum, players Colin Kazim-Richards (pictured above, right, very happy), Vederson (above, left, also very happy), Fabio Bilica and Santos “organized ’sex-marathons’ in a hotel in Istanbul.”

From Goal:
“Sadly, I have to confirm that the rumours are true. I’m absolutely shocked to find out that these kinds of things are happening. I never expected Fenerbahce players to get involved in something like this,” said Daum to German newspaper Bild.

Daum opted to visit the hotel where the ’sex-marathons’ allegedly took place to discuss the situation with hotel personnel and came to the conclusion that the aforementioned players were indeed involved in the scandal.

That must have been a fun investigation…

Daum: Yeah, hi, um this might be a weird question, but…have my players been having marathon bang sessions in your hotel?
Hotel Employee: Yes. They bang here quite often.
Daum: Great, thanks a bunch.

Anyway, Daum has transfer listed all four players, which kind of doesn’t make sense, because if these guys are having marathon sex sessions they must be pretty fit. I’m not so sure you’d want to lose that.

Ne bileyim kendi aramızda birbirimize sallarız ederiz eyvallah ta dışarıdan olunca nedense kanıma dokundu.


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